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Furniture, Lighting and home decor of Artelore Home

About Artelore Home

Artelore began operations in 2005 as a management team from the import-export sector, being a pioneer in various fields for more than 30 years. Having a very developed know-how based on experience, they begin to work in the Artelore project, using the already consolidated infrastructure and logistics in the international market.

Today, 15 years later, the product range includes more than 2500 SKUs. In one catalog you can buy lamps (chandeliers, sconces, pendant lights, natsolny lamps and floor lamps), furniture for home, restaurants and hotels (sofas and armchairs, tables and chairs, couches, dressers, showcases, beds, coffee and coffee tables, consoles), interior decor (posters and clocks, vases and utensils, carpets and pillows) - a complete solution from one source.

Highlights in the history of the company:

In 2007, Artelore Home ceases to be an idea and becomes a reality after more than 2 years of market research. From the very beginning, considering the importance of the task of making Artelore successful, we strive to attend several exhibitions of furniture and decor for the interior, such as Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona or Lisbon. For example, at the Madrid exhibition, more than 1000 orders are completed in less than five days.

Knowing the importance of being in the media, we are making very serious investments in advertising and web tools to strengthen this strategic line, which is considered very important from the very beginning.

Design and Marketing, born in 2008, and thanks to efforts made in the field of advertising and marketing on the Internet, Artelore has gained a presence in major national furniture and decor magazines such as (El Mueble, Nuevo Estilo and Interiors).

The founding of our first website puts Artelore at the forefront of furniture marketing.

Seeking improvements and setting new challenges, Artelore moved its offices from Shenzhen to Beijing in 2009 to improve the quality and control of all processes in the entire Asian market.

Artelore, having made a decisive bet on exporting its brand to other countries of the European Union and entering new markets, creates an Italian commercial network in 2010 and a French one in 2011. Thus, Artelore can pay more attention to European customers. In 2010, we entered the Ukrainian market.

Currently, 70% of the range of our catalogs is developed by Artelore, and the production process of lamps, tables and chairs, mirrors, chests of drawers, showcases, sofas and armchairs, wall decor is controlled by our own employees.

Our main goal is to further introduce new products developed by Artelore to double the number of products, decor and gifts, as well as expand our commercial network to other countries.