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Premium Format - about

Premium Format is an exclusive distributor in Ukraine of European manufacturers of interior decoration products:

  • Ondaluce -  is an Italian brand of luminaires with collections in a modern and classic style
  • DekoLight - is a German brand whose range includes products for functional lighting, architectural lighting and decorative lighting.
  • RGE - is a Swedish brand of furniture accessories with a warehouse in Poland. High quality metal elements, natural marble and granite countertops.
  • Artelore Home - Spanish brand of furniture, lighting and decor with recognizable handwriting
  • Umage - is a Danish brand of lamps and furniture, modern Scandinavian style
  • Gallery - a collection of furniture, lamps and decor items from the UK. Current design, democratic prices.
  • Zambelis - Greek manufacturer of modern decorative lamps for home and street, park, garden
  • Alphabet Lighting - is one of the most dynamic and sought-after British brands in the lighting, decorative lighting for home and garden sector.
  • DAR Lighting - is a Portuguese furniture factory. Manufacturer of tables, cabinet furniture, collections for living rooms.
  • Zagas - is a Portuguese furniture factory. Manufacturer of tables, cabinet furniture, collections for living rooms.

We are also a partner of a number of leading European and American brands, we offer our partners solutions in the field of interior design of any level and style.

The purpose of the company "Premium Format" - together with partners to conduct a profitable, mutually beneficial business in the field of interior design.

Advantages of working with us

High margin for dealers

We control the pricing in the market by brands in distribution, we protect our dealers from dumping.

Project protection

We provide protection of our partners in contract objects. You can be sure that the specification you created will remain yours.

Availability of a warehouse program

We offer bestsellers and novelties in stock in Kiev, ready to send to customers. The warehouse program of manufacturers allows to fulfill orders in 3 weeks.

Product range.

We represent manufacturers whose products meet current design trends. A wide range of goods allows you to comprehensively address the issue of completing the object with furniture, lighting, decor, wallpaper.

Expert support and advice in selection.

Affiliate program with leading brands from Europe and the USA.

For our dealers we provide direct deliveries of any production for a complete set of interiors.