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The Fabbian company was founded back in 1961 by the Italian entrepreneur Franco Fabian. Franco started his business with a small workshop for the production of lamps. Gradually, it grew into a huge factory, which can rightfully be considered one of the best in Italy. As a true Italian, Franco from the beginning of his production set the main criterion for each product - quality. But excellent quality alone will not conquer the world, and besides, the competition in the Italian industry is enormous. Therefore, inventive Fabio relied on an unusual design - and he made the right decision. So, Fabbian lamps were distinguished by the fact that in each model one could read new fashion trends, corporate identity and a combination of unusual materials and textures.

But recognition does not come out of the blue, so Fabio initially submitted his lamps to various design competitions and won them many times. Gradually, the Italian brand began to gain popularity outside of Italy and the whole world learned about the wonderful Fabbian lamps.

Initially, Fabbian lamps were in great demand for the interiors of cafes and restaurants. They were used to decorate the most famous Italian restaurants with a cozy interior. Gradually, the company's products began to expand, and now the factory produces lamps for every taste, color and format: from sleeping floor lamps to street lighting.

Modern technologies in the company's products

Despite their love for Italian traditions, Fabbian keeps up with the times, so they are increasingly developing special energy-saving systems that do not harm the environment.

Fabbian is a sophisticated style embodied in a light minimalist form. Lamps Fabbian can not only fill the house with cozy light, they can make the right accent in the interior and give it a unique flavor. Achieved - this is due to the combination of various materials, which at first glance seem completely incompatible. So, cold chrome is complemented by warm textured wood. Transparent weightless glass can be complemented by heavy inserts made of different metals.

Fabbian designers are not afraid to experiment and do an excellent job of creating functional, unusual Fabbian lamps.

The Fabbian factory often collaborates with renowned designers who decorate famous cafes, private houses and other premises with their products. Collaboration like this makes the Fabbian style recognizable. Therefore, it is not surprising that the company develops entire collections of lamps for a specific order.

A feature of this production is that the Fabbian factory manufactures a wide range of types and types of lamps: from ceiling chandeliers to street lighting, which are presented on the official website.

The lamps are made in the characteristic style of the company and are designed for use in a specific environment. In addition, the brand has a patented fastening system that allows you to hide all functional transitions and hide unnecessary parts so as not to disturb the interior cleanliness.