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The style of furniture from the Italian company Arketipo combines sophistication and loyalty to the traditions of Florentine craftsmen. Timeless design, which the factory's specialists rely on, is always relevant and in demand. First-class workmanship and the best materials have become a guarantee of the success of the brand's products.

Arketipo product catalog

The company's catalog contains upholstered (sofas, armchairs, couches, ottomans, beds) and cabinet furniture (dining and writing tables, side and coffee tables, dressers, cabinets, wardrobes, shelves). Arketipo has an international vocation, unique developments in the field of sofas production, and the use of the textile tradition of Tuscany.

In 2008, it was decided to expand the collection of sofas and armchairs with accessories (poufs, carpets, shelves, mirrors). Additional furnishings from Archetipo are made in the corporate style and perfectly convey the elegance, functionality and cultural traditions of Italian design.

Factory philosophy

In 2011, Arketipo was bought by Cattelan Italia. This allowed us to start a new period in the history of the brand: to preserve many years of experience and apply them to create new collections.

According to CEO Lorenzo Cattelan, the brand is driven by curiosity. Often, ideas for new products are drawn by designers from other fields. Experimenting with new materials and technologies allows us to create high-quality products with authentic designs.

Among Lorenzo Cattelan's goals is to design original Arketipo furniture to order. Every sofa, table or wardrobe should be perceived as a high fashion item. Despite industrial production, the company manages to delight with unusual collections with a special charm.

Arketipo plans to be special. This brand should become an example of impeccable taste in product design. In addition, the management of the factory relies on expanding the range (both furniture and accessories).

Archetipo is the furniture of choice in various countries. Currently, the products of the Italian factory are sold in Austria, Ukraine, Switzerland, France, England, Russia, Italy, Australia, the Baltic countries, the Middle East. The trading network has 800 stores. The company plans to expand its presence in the markets of Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA.

Arketipo corporate identity

The design of the Arketipo brand does not fit into one style. The company's catalog is a multifaceted life, consisting of interesting collection-stories. At the same time, there are several characteristics that unite the products of the factory. Craftsmen and designers value thoughtfulness and brevity. In their interpretation, restraint and functionality have become synonymous with nobility and sophistication.

Arketipo furniture has every chance of becoming an interior decoration in the style of glamor, neoclassicism, loft, minimalism, retro, vintage. This stylistic diversity is partly due to the large selection of finishes and upholstery. Please note that the price of the product often depends on the upholstery material (fabric or leather).

Collaboration with Arquetipo designers

World famous designers and architects help the masters of the Italian factory to create unique interior items. There are developments in the catalogs of the Archetipo brand that were designed by:

  • Mauro Lipparini;
  • Bernhardt & amp; Vella;
  • Adriano Piazzesi;
  • Bartoli Design;
  • Gino Carollo;
  • Carlo Bimbi;
  • Manzoni & amp; Tapinassi
  • Nendo;
  • Christophe Pillet;
  • Gordon Guillaumier;
  • Massimo Lorusso;
  • Leonardo Dainelli
  • Giuseppe Viganò.
Work with professionals

Archetipo - furniture that can transform the interior, create a special atmosphere in it. You can get acquainted with the company's products using the online catalog: it contains detailed characteristics of models and photos.

Managers will provide detailed information on available finishes, upholstery and prices. They will also tell you about the full range, show product samples, and make a miscalculation. The representatives of the salon will also inform you when the order of Archetipo will be delivered from Italy.