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The history of the Italian factory Alberta Salotti (Alberta Salotti) began in 1978 with the production of a narrow range of office furniture, which was produced under the brand name Alberta Pacific Furniture SRL. The growing demand required an expansion of the product range and, as a result, an increase in production capacity.

Today the company presents an impressive range of upholstered furniture made of high quality fabrics, as well as genuine leather. The manufacturer has singled out leather and textile furniture in two separate directions. Alberta Salotti produces textile furniture, and Royal Alberta, which appeared in 1989, is made of genuine leather. The brand remains the undisputed leader in its niche, showing the world for over 35 years an impeccable corporate identity and quality of the highest level.

A characteristic feature of the product is a variety of modular solutions that allow you to combine furniture as you like, creating exclusive compositional groups. All products of the factory are available in two types of upholstery - fabric and leather. In addition to the usual headsets, the company also produces coffee tables and beds.

Design by Alberta Salotti

Alberta Salotti does not have a strict stylistic orientation - the company offers complex solutions for interiors, both in modern and classic styles. Upholstered furniture from this Italian manufacturer is in special demand. Its diversity is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Here you can find corner and straight sofas, convertible and stationary models, as well as various modular configurations. In addition, the company offers beds and armchairs, coffee tables and other pieces of furniture.

The real strong point of the factory is the creation of avant-garde upholstered furniture. Unique stylistic solutions make it possible to fit it into any modern interior, bringing a fresh and bold design stream into it. Alberta Salotti products are recognizable and always in high demand. The company's specialists thoroughly study consumer demand and general trends in furniture design, which results in a unique final product that combines excellent design and quality, practicality and functionality, richness of textures and colors.