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The world famous Italian factory Alivar (Alivar) was founded in 1984. The philosophy of the brand was to recreate pieces of furniture in a classic style, as well as to create a product that would meet all the requirements of a modern consumer.

Today the model range of the factory is represented by a wide variety of home furniture: chairs and tables, sideboards, bookshelves, as well as upholstered furniture. The assortment of the factory includes complex solutions for any type of premises: bedroom, living room, kitchen and hallway. The brand's products are a fusion of modern technologies and traditions, the optimal balance of unique style and excellent quality, refined minimalism and classic elegance.

The company's specialists carefully study the styles of past eras, as a result of which unique pieces of furniture appear that return the atmosphere of antiquity, while meeting modern ideas about comfort and practicality. The techniques used by the masters of the 18th-19th centuries are successfully used today. Keeping with tradition, Alivar brings it to perfection through innovation. This solid approach has allowed the brand to be brought to the international level, where the brand has found many fans of such modernized classics around the world.

Alivar product quality

The key point in the production process is quality control, the algorithm of which is carefully perfected. All products are visually and technically checked to exclude all kinds of defects and product defects. Materials are an equally important component of the ideal Italian furniture. Alivar specialists never forget about this and actively use, as traditional materials, proven for centuries (valuable wood species, excellent leather, glass, metal), and more modern (high quality textiles and various polymers). A characteristic feature of the products of this Italian manufacturer is the emphasis on the upholstery. In the case of leather, it can be quilted, and upholstery made of velvet or jacquard include inserts from other materials. These nuances allow you to create a special corporate identity for a brand that is very popular.

Alivar is a modern classic. This is the choice of people who value the simplicity and sophistication of a home environment, while not forgetting about aesthetics.