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The Spanish company Arkoslight was founded in 1984 by Jose Luis Latras Laguna. At first, the factory produced classic lamps. In 1990, the brand changed its direction abruptly: Arkoslight began to specialize in technical lighting.

The two main priorities of the company in working with clients: quality and service. The reliability of the brand's products is confirmed by international certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The brand is distinguished not only by the desire to improve quality, but also by the desire to improve and modernize the production process itself, as well as sales and product support. Arkoslight's circuits make this much more efficient.

Last year the company registered a new trademark "LARK". LED lamps will be produced under this brand. (LED+Arkos=LARK).

    The factory manufactures technical lighting for professional lighting, and this suggests that more attention is paid not to product design, but to its functional properties. The company offers a wide range of products:

  • ceiling lights;
  • bus systems;
  • profile systems;
  • pendant lights;
  • wall lights;
  • floor lamps;
  • outdoor lighting (including floor lamps, spotlights, bollards and wall lights);
  • accessories.

The products of the Spanish factory are intended exclusively for technical lighting, at the same time, they have an attractive appearance. Modern lamps do not violate the harmony of the interior and fit well into the environment. Some lamps are very elegant and original, for example, the Brigit luminaire is available in two versions - pendant and floor. The range includes Brigit chandeliers in three different colors and floor lamps in nine shades.

Arkoslight luminaires can be used in home lighting, as an office light. The brand produces light that is ideal for retail spaces where special lighting requirements are usually required. In hotels and hotels, cafes and restaurants, the factory's lamps can be used as indoor and outdoor lighting (on summer grounds, outdoor terraces, balconies).

The undoubted advantage of the brand's products is that it looks great in any interior, does not violate aesthetics, and at the same time regularly performs its main task.