1 EUR - 33.80 UAH / 1 USD - 27.55 UAH

Arredo Classic is a young Italian furniture brand. The company was founded in 1998 in Pesaro.

The factory has three main areas of work:

  • living room furniture;
  • bedroom furniture;
  • dining room furniture.

The company immediately decided on a style for its products - a classic. Handcrafted material helps to create things that truly reflect timeless values ​​in traditional forms and furniture lines. Thanks to an experienced and qualified staff (from technical workers to managers), the factory was able to quickly move to the forefront of furniture companies.

Like most modern companies, Arredo Classic works to reduce emissions into the environment. Some time ago, production began to function exclusively at the expense of a "green" energy source - a photovoltaic installation.

Arredo Classic underlines the fact that all of the brand's products are made in Italy. The furniture meets modern quality requirements. Factory craftsmen work with expensive materials, including:

  • hardwoods;
  • gold foil;
  • marble;
  • exclusive fabrics.
Carvings and decorations are done by hand only.

Many collections of the brand are named after the great Italian artists: Titian, Giotto, Donatello, Raphael. Arredo Classic also has a collection dedicated to the magnificent Palace of Versailles, one of the sights of France.

The company's designers create furniture that you want to talk about only in a superlative degree. This is a real example of luxury, comfort and beauty. There is no need to describe the stylistic features of different interior elements of Arredo Classic for a long time - such furniture is worthy of palaces, luxurious villas and yachts. Sofas, armchairs and poufs, wardrobes, dressers and cabinets, tables or beds - any piece of furniture reflects the traditions of the Italian style in a classic design. Noble lines are combined with warm colors - beige, brown, ivory. Combining this splendor with mirrors, gold trim and high quality glass, the factory's specialists create real furniture masterpieces.

There is always a line between craft and art. The Arredo Classic brand proves that this trait is a convention for it.