1 EUR - 33.80 UAH / 1 USD - 27.55 UAH

Astro Lighting – a company that appeared on the market of lighting products in 1997. Over the short years of its existence, the brand has managed to find numerous buyers and receive several awards for the design of its products. The factory identifies several areas of work:

  • bathroom lighting;
  • interior lighting;
  • outdoor lighting;
  • accessories.

Each of the areas is important for the company. Thanks to the fact that Astro Lighting managed to combine them into one production, many customers became interested in the brand. Now the lamps of this factory are in demand in the hotel business. The company has many exclusive interior lighting projects for hotels and hotels.

For the bathroom, the factory produces a wide range of products:

  • ceiling lights;
  • floor lamps;
  • lights for mirrors;
  • magnifying mirrors;
  • pendant lights;
  • shaving light;
  • bus systems;
  • wall lamps.

The brand's specialization in bathroom lighting has enabled the company to achieve high quality products. Some luminaires have very few analogues on the market, and this is primarily about their functionality, and not about design. Among luminaires for indoor lighting, the following types of products can be distinguished:

  • ceiling lights;
  • downlight fixtures;
  • floor lamps;
  • pendant lights;
  • lighting for pictures;
  • shades;
  • bus systems;
  • table lamps;
  • sconces.

Astro Lighting style is modern. Many luminaires come in several colors. The interior of one room easily combines lamps from the same collection of this brand.

Among the luminaires for external lighting, the following options for architectural and garden lighting can be distinguished:

  • columns;
  • recessed ground luminaires;
  • pendant lights;
  • wall lights.

Astro Lighting is a young company that has managed to find its niche in the market. High quality products, original design solutions and targeted search for new ideas have become the key to the successful development of the company.