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The Spanish company BPM Lighting was founded in 1992. The factory is one of the leading manufacturers of technical lighting and modern style lighting fixtures. The main principles of the company are functionality and reliability, complemented by a laconic and ergonomic design.

Factory products are represented by collections ALABAMA, ALAN, ALBA, ALBERTA, ALTAIR, CUBE, FLORIDA, IBIZA, KOL, LUCIA, LUK, ORACLE, MENORCA, SU, TUBE, WING. This list includes lighting devices of various types: profiles, track systems, recessed luminaires with and without a frame, overhead (wall, ceiling) and pendant, wall or floor flood lamps. The factory offers many technical solutions for intelligent lighting of premises of various sizes and layouts.

Functionality and manufacturability is an important, but not the only aspect of the work of BPM Lighting specialists. The factory catalogs contain a huge number of unique solutions for interiors in a modern style. Laconic models with clear lines, thoughtful geometry, streamlined shapes are what you need for an original high-tech design. Designers experiment with textures and colors. The color palette consists of both restrained and neutral shades (white, gray, black, steel, brown) and bright colors (golden, burgundy, red, green, orange, pink, blue). Such lamps will effectively complement the modern design.

BPM Lighting products are the optimal solution for residential (apartments, country houses) and public (offices, conference rooms, classrooms, hotels, cafes, hotels, restaurants, boutiques, spa salons).

For the manufacture of lighting fixtures, only the best materials are used, and all stages of production are carefully controlled. Thanks to this approach, the company guarantees the exceptional reliability of each model.

BPM Lighting fixtures allow not only to decorate a laconic design, but also to solve even the most complex lighting tasks. Satisfied customers around the world can confirm this.