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Cantiero is an Italian furniture factory founded by Severino Cantiero in 1949. From the very first day, the family business was focused on the production of furniture using the technologies of the last century. In the workshops of the factory, specialists strive to completely recreate the processes of furniture production according to old schemes. The owners of the company collect written documents, diagrams, which describe the stages of the work of the masters of the 18-19 centuries. A deep study of primary sources and the transfer of the experience of previous generations to modern laboratories allows you to achieve impressive results.

For Cantiero designers, furniture is not only an object of study, but also a way of expressing emotions. Top artists and designers create classic home furnishings. Any Cantiero furnishings are created from quality materials, various methods of painting and surface treatment are used, which provide Italian furniture with an attractive appearance for a long time. Skillful draperies, carvings, graceful inserts of metal alloys into the wooden furniture - the various decorative finishes of Cantiero furniture cannot but cause admiration.

Among the brand's products there are such interior items: modular systems (walls), Cantiero tables (including dining tables, coffee tables), Cantiero dressers, TV stands, sideboards, showcases, sideboards, wardrobes, beds. The furniture of the company can complement an exclusive interior designed in a classic style. Also, Italian furniture Cantiero can become part of the decor of a hotel room.

Modular systems have recently been gaining their former popularity. Some time ago, the so-called walls were associated with the outdated furniture of Soviet living rooms. Cantiero's modular systems do not evoke any associations with the past. On the contrary, this furniture testifies to the impeccable taste of the owners of the house. The same can be said for the Cantiero dressers. It is worth noting the presence in the collections of the brand of dressers with silver trim - such Italian furniture is worthy of the highest praise.

Dining tables, like any Cantiero tables, will appeal to those connoisseurs of good quality who do not forget about the original appearance of interior items. The tables of the Italian factory have unusual details - outlandish legs, decorated countertops. Thanks to this, the simplest piece of furniture takes on a new meaning in the decor of the room.

Italian furniture Cantiero is a vivid example of how the most ingenious creations of the past take on a new life.