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Factory Cattelan Italia

The Italian furniture factory Cattelan Italia (Cattelan Italy) is a family business that was founded by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan in 1979. Giorgio is the last of the seven brothers of the famous carpenter in Thiene, a town near Vicenza. From an early age, the future founder of a successful furniture factory oversaw the creation of interior items and actively helped his father.

The Italian furniture brand Cattelan Italia began its ascent in the market with the production of marble tables in various sizes. Over time, the company's product range has expanded significantly, in accordance with the needs of the local as well as the international furniture market. Furniture began to be produced from different materials - wood, glass, metal, leather. Now in the catalogs of Cattelan Italia furniture you can find a huge range of products that can satisfy the needs of various buyers: tables, chairs, consoles, dressers, bookcases, TV stands, beds. In addition, the factory produces accessories, mirrors, lamps. The production of décor and lighting fixtures helps the brand create holistic designer interiors.

Cattelan Italia Tables

Cattelan italia tables for home furnishings include tables for the living room, study, dining tables. The factory produces tables of various designs and shapes: sliding, round, small tables. Coffee tables are often the most original piece of furniture in the living room collection. This Cattelan table can have a "cut" wood top or a table top made up of three separate parts placed at different levels.

The factory is famous for its outlandish living room furniture. Shelves, showcases, shelves, cabinets without contents can look so unusual that you will not immediately guess their purpose. This exclusive piece of furniture is an instant eye-catcher. Both ordinary books and non-standard decor look great on it.

Other furniture for the living room of this factory is also often the object of design experiments at Cattelan Italia. For example, many of the Cattelan Italia chairs are the result of creativity and design. Folding chairs, bar chairs, chairs with or without armrests combine ergonomics and modern fresh style. Such furniture is very popular among the owners of catering establishments.

Among the furniture for bedrooms, Cattelan Italia beds, dressers, console tables, hanging shelves are very popular. The factory's beds are usually soft and double. The company also produces other upholstered furniture - poufs, couches, armchairs.

Product design

The modern and unique style of products is created by the famous designers of the Cattelan Italia factory. Among them are Alessio Bassan, Emilio Nanni, Jeanvittorio Plazzona, Gino Carolo, Leonardo Dainelli, Luigi Trenti, Pierpaolo Zanchin. The factory's regular participation in exhibitions in Milan, Cologne, Paris, Valencia and Moscow has repeatedly proved that the public's attention to the brand's furniture often exceeds even consumer demand. Interior items that are produced by the furniture factory cattelan Italia, Ukraine, like many other countries, are looking for from resellers or orders directly from the manufacturer. The second option is safer, since the number of counterfeits on the market has been going through the roof lately. Unfortunately, this applies to many Italian furniture manufacturers. It is almost impossible to buy furniture of the Italian brand cattelan Italia in Kiev with a 100% guarantee that it is not fake.

The company's products reflect many trends in modern design. It is not enough to call it original: fresh ideas of designers usually outstrip those trends that later become massive and are copied by others. Certainly, Italian furniture from Cattelan Italia is a part of modern culture.

At the same time, such furniture does not become obsolete. It was created under the influence of the speed and dynamics of the modern rhythm of life, but is able to "adjust" to the needs of its owners in the future. The practicality of Cattelan furniture, the ability to change the design, shape, depending on the situation, allows you to use it in various interiors. And these can be completely different rooms or public places.

Success in the furniture market is measured in many ways. In almost all of them, Cattelan Italia furniture is in the first place - for both buyers and specialists.