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Italian lighting systems are rightfully considered one of the best in the world, and the De majo brand of luminaires takes pride of place among them. The factory with a half-century history was founded back in 1947, when an enterprising Italian Guido de Mayo decided to start manufacturing lighting fixtures. Guido comes from Naples, a town with a glorious industry, but all his early beginnings in his hometown collapsed, and then the Second World War began, so Guido decides to move to the island of Murano away from troubled Europe and founds his De majo production there. By the way, Murano is an island that has its own unique history and culture, and the main feature of the island is that it was here that for the first time in Europe they began to produce faience. Perhaps that is why the production of refined De majo lamps immediately began to grow and flourish.

De majo lineup

At the first stages of its development, the motto of the De majo company was perfect quality in every detail, so the factory improved its technological aspects and every year introduced new technologies into its lamps. Developed and refined lighting systems the world has never seen before. Gradually, the technological innovations of the factory began to fill the world. Smooth production, refined craftsmanship and superior quality of De majo luminaires helped to quickly conquer the world, but fashion is fickle and fickle. Therefore, in the 70s, the factory changes its main credo and seeks to surprise customers not with its technological innovations, but with designer lamps with a unique texture and shape.

No matter how experimental the 70s were, after them the De majo factory decides to return to its origins. Murano Island was the best suited for this. The cultural heritage of the world center for the production of unique majolica and earthenware has left its mark on De majo lamps and chandeliers. This is how collections with authentic, ethnic patterns and designs with the use of Murano majolica and glaze appear. The luminaires in this collection are considered unsurpassed pieces of lighting art.

The factory produces a wide range of models in different styles:

  • Classic;
  • Modern;
  • Minimalism;
  • Eclecticism;
  • Hi-tech.

Modern models of De majo luminaires have a wide range and can fit into any interior from classic to ultramodern. The Memory line consists of lamps, lamps, chandeliers that combine the sophistication of tradition and modern design, which is emphasized by the use of two types of glass: transparent and white. This combination gives the Memory lineup an elegance and sophistication that is inherent in the best examples of Italian great art.

De Majo Bell chandeliers are a line that refers us to the temple art of Italy and the main attribute of each temple - the bell. This bell-shaped form is the basis for a number of models of lamps and lamps and gives them a special sophisticated sound.

If we talk about unusual design and ultra-modern form, then we must say about the new line of De Majo lamps, which combines the most advanced technological innovations and modern design, which ideally complements a high-tech or minimalist room.