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DiTre is a renowned Italian furniture manufacturer. The company was founded in 1976 by the De Marchi brothers. The business has grown rapidly since the inception of the factory. The brand is still in the possession of this family today..
From the very beginning, the company was focused on the European market. Nowadays an additional priority area can be considered the countries of Eastern Europe, where the demand for Di Tre products is constantly growing.

One of the main values ​​of the family factory (in addition to the production of high-quality upholstered furniture) is the individualization of work in the company. An employee of the company stands behind each product unit. In the production of upholstered furniture, an important point is personal control of the release of goods and mutual responsibility for the quality of products. Adhering to the team values, the Italian furniture factory Di Tre achieves excellent results in the manufacture and sale of its products.

Most of the upholstered furniture models are created by the permanent designers of the Di Tre brand Stefano Spessotto.

Ditre Italia assortment

The Di Tre product range includes upholstered furniture for the home interior. The first thing the customers of the factory pay attention to is the many different models of modular sofas. The massive Di Tre sofas are designed in a classic and modern style. Among the Di Tre armchairs there are also models of impressive sizes. However, not all of the factory's products are designed for giants and cannot fit in a small apartment: there are enough sofas, armchairs, and poufs of more modest sizes in furniture catalogs.

The factory is actively developing a "night" line: its assortment includes sofa beds and beds. Usually these are classic double beds, soft and with a high headboard. For the upholstery of Di Tre upholstered furniture, high-quality textiles or natural leather are usually used.

The brand's products will appeal to lovers of classic style in the interior. Most often, upholstered furniture models have light upholstery with romantic patterns or one-color. Floristics, unobtrusive stripes, vignettes, patterns are the most popular options for patterns for upholstery materials. Some sofas and armchairs have an unusual, semicircular shape. Such models take up a little more space, but their design also allows you to experiment with the space of the room.

Di Tre Italian furniture is a great option for creating comfort in your home or apartment. The products of this brand will be appreciated by connoisseurs of true Italian quality.