1 EUR - 33.80 UAH / 1 USD - 27.55 UAH

The Italian company Doimo Sofas is part of the Doimo Group, which consists of 22 factories. The concern produces the widest range of products for home furnishing. The group's products are popular not only in Italy, but also on the world market. The main focus is on the use of advanced technologies and high quality materials exclusively made in Italy.

The company's motto sounds like: "Project your knowledge, dreams and needs to create comfort and beauty in the interior." And we can say with confidence that Doimo Sofas furniture fully justifies the content of the motto. After all, the experience of the qualified personnel of the factory is used as efficiently as possible, thanks to constant research in search of new methods of work and a thorough study of consumer demand.

In a short time, the factory has managed to achieve international recognition and gain the high status of a leader in the production of interior items, which are now chosen by consumers all over the world. Taking into account the importance of innovation, the concern is constantly improving its production processes, actively introducing technological innovations into them. Doimo Sofas has developed and patented a unique leather processing technology that allows you to make the surface of the material as soft as possible and at the same time durable.

The most popular is Doimo Sofas upholstered furniture, which are certified by one of the most authoritative institutions in the field of ICILA certification. The document issued by this body (UNI ISO 9001) is an indicator of the recognition of the factory's obligations and their fulfillment at the international level, as well as the high quality of both the production operations themselves and the final product.

The factory also has environmental management certificates, confirming not only the safety of materials of Italian furniture Doimo Sofas, but also the reasonable use of natural resources in the process of obtaining them. The brand's designers closely follow the global design trends, annually creating unique collections with an easily recognizable brand style.

Continuous improvement of production technology, the use of the most innovative materials, high quality and unique design are the key to the brand's success. The interior design of this brand is beyond the rules and dogmas, it is dynamic and inspired by the latest fashion trends in the production of armchairs and sofas. Doimo Sofas is a new word in the design of upholstered furniture.