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The history of the Italian factory Driade began in 1968. For several decades, this brand has been producing first-class luxury furniture. The company's philosophy is based on the symbiosis of exclusive aesthetics and practicality. The company's products are a combination of art and functionality, appreciated in many countries around the world.

The corporate identity is based on originality and experiments with form. Perhaps that is why each model from the presented brand is perceived not as an ordinary piece of furniture, but as a work of art. All Driade solutions boast individuality, charm and charm.

The originality and exclusivity of the design is largely the merit of true professionals in their field. At various times, the collections for the factory were developed by such designers as Miki Astori, Philippe Starck, Roderic Vos, Bruno Munari, Fabio Novembre, Tokijin Yoshioko and others. An original vision of familiar things allows the company's specialists to create non-standard interior items. The factory's collections feature unique designs in various styles, but most of the models will organically fit into a modern or minimalistic design.

Today the Driade factory produces:

  • chairs,
  • banquets,
  • stools,
  • ottomans,
  • sofas
  • couches,
  • armchairs,
  • side tables,
  • beds (including four-poster beds),
  • lamps.

For the manufacture of products, only proven materials are used: plastic, metal, natural and artificial leather, fabric, wood, rattan. The best developments of leading experts have every chance to decorate both residential (bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, offices) and public (cafes, hotel rooms, boutiques) premises. Collections are usually updated twice a year.

The company has several lines of business. In addition to the main furniture collections, the company produces the youth line of DriadeStore furniture, DriadeChef kitchens, Driade Kosmo tableware, and Oikos EasyOikos cabinets.

Driade products are versatile, unique and interesting. Furniture that does not lose its relevance has another important advantage - first-class quality. Skillfully crafted home furnishings are guaranteed to last for generations. The combination of traditional aesthetics, modern design trends, principles of harmony and practicality allowed the specialists of the Italian factory to introduce new things into the design of the premises.