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The EGLO success story began in 1969 when Ludwig Obwieser founded EGLO Leuchten.

Another milestone in the company's history was the inauguration in 1976 of the first plant in Pill, Austria.

In the mid-1980s, EGLO established itself as one of the leaders in the production of lighting fixtures in Europe. The company's expansion into new markets led to the opening of the first sales company in Germany in 1986, which marked the beginning of the internationalization of EGLO. Thanks to the sustainable development of new sales markets, at the moment there are already more than 50 representative offices all over the world, which, as a rule, operate as independent entities.

Today EGLO is one of the most successful suppliers of decorative lighting solutions for living spaces in the world. Success is the best proof of customer satisfaction and we have every reason to be proud of it.