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The Italian company Egoluce has been developing and producing lighting equipment for street, professional, technical and decorative lighting since 1978. Since then, the factory has presented many collections and collaborated with a large number of designers and design bureaus (mainly from Italy). The company's products today decorate both residential and public (offices, shopping centers, museums, hotel rooms) interiors.

The company produces table lamps, sconces, floor lamps, spot and ceiling lamps in a modern and minimalist style. For the manufacture of brand products, only proven materials are used - metal and glass. Since modern design implies practicality, conciseness and the absence of unnecessary details, all Egoluce lamps allow you to solve various problems when arranging a room.

The Classic series will come in handy when decorating sophisticated interiors of houses, apartments and hotels. Bathroom lighting requires reliable, temperature-resistant, ergonomic lighting fixtures. Just like the models from the Bathroom IP44 collection. The Lighting Systems range is the ideal solution for those who plan to make the most of the entire space of the room (regardless of the layout features). For fans of functional minimalism, including recessed luminaires, the Architectural series has been created. The Technical line allows you to solve everyday and professional tasks, and the Egoled collection contains exclusive design models.

The brand's experts have proven that austere design does not mean boring and monotonous. Light fittings and bases do not have to be chrome plated. The catalogs contain solutions painted in gray, black, white, blue, orange. In addition, glass shades (both transparent and frosted) can also serve as a decorative function.

The harmonious combination of laconic design and functionality has made the luminaires one of the best sellers in their niche. Among the advantages of lighting equipment from the presented brand also appear decades of successful work, worldwide recognition and an impeccable reputation. Egoluce luminaires are manufactured exclusively in Italy, which serves as an additional confirmation of the quality.