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We illuminate life stories with solutions that last long - the Estiluz brand philosophy

Our story: 50 years of unique decorative lighting

From time to time, a talent appears that enlightens an entire generation. New ideas that embody new life in an artistic discipline or rejuvenate business style. Sometimes, but rarely, someone challenges art and business. For us, the name of this seer was Gerard Masdeu Jorda. He was supposed to continue his father's mechanical workshop in São João de le Abadesse, a city with deep metallurgical traditions. But his artistic talent and his business vision will take him much further.

In 1969, he founded Estiluz, a company dedicated to high quality decorative lighting with innovative designs and handcrafted finishes. The Masdeu family controlled the whole process: Gerard invested his creativity in the products; his father Anton Masdeu and his brother Eduard Masdeu contributed to the outstanding craftsmanship of metalworking. The quality of their designs soon attracted attention at international exhibitions, leading to Estiluz opening its first branch in New York in 1993. The brand has also strengthened its ties with Germany by implementing state-of-the-art engineering solutions and streamlining its manufacturing processes.

The second generation is currently at the helm of Estiluz and is giving budding designers a chance to show their talent. We experiment with new shapes and materials, staying true to our core principles: strength, durability, flawless finish, family spirit. We closely monitor the production of each of our lamps. Our adaptable designs enhance any space with perfect lighting. We also create customized lighting fixtures or designs so that your hotel, restaurant or shop radiates its own personality.

Each Estiluz lamp is a precious object, lovingly crafted, as only a close family could do.