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Falb Illuminazione was founded in 1972 in Florence, Italy. The peculiarity of the corporate identity was clearly expressed by the very first collection of lamps. The factory specialized in exquisite lighting fixtures in the classic Florentine style. Over the past decades, the brand's catalog has been replenished with models in various stylistic interpretations, but the main design principles have remained unchanged - harmony, thoughtfulness, sophistication and nobility. Since 2001 the company has been known under the brand name Falb Group s.r.l.

The Italian company offers first-class sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and ceiling lamps for a variety of spaces. The products of the brand, which occupies one of the leading places in the decorative lighting market, have already been appreciated in many countries. Falb lighting fixtures decorate private apartments, hotel rooms, interiors of cafes and restaurants.

The classic line of luminaires is diluted with interesting modern solutions. The designers and craftsmen of the factory experiment with shapes, images and lines. As a result of their creative searches, many original lamps have appeared. Falb designs will not only be appropriate in traditional design environments. The brand's specialists offer models for a cozy country, romantic Provence, practical modern style, atmospheric oriental designs.

Only the best materials are used for the manufacture of lamps. Murano glass melted using the Scavo technology, combined with sophisticated forging and intricate cast parts interspersed with silver and gold, will look spectacular in almost any setting. Adds some "versatility" and neutral natural color palette. Copper, bronze, steel overflows of the base frames are harmoniously combined with white, brown, yellow, gray, black, green shades of plafonds and decorative elements.

Chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, floor lamps are made by hand, which allows you to give each model a special character. A manual robot is also an opportunity to carefully control all stages of production.

Falb luminaires are associated with grace, nobility and sophistication. No unnecessary details - only thoughtful shapes, smooth lines, the best materials, as well as the skillful work of experienced craftsmen.