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The German company Faustig was founded in 1960. The brand gained fame thanks to the magnificent crystal chandeliers. Faustig chandeliers have almost no worthy competitors in their niche.

The family business works with many clients individually. Note that most of the customers of Faustig fixtures are regular customers. When choosing exclusive products, the manufacturer's support is important, and he provides it at all levels: consultation, service has always been the priority of the brand. The German company works not only with wealthy private clients. She often fulfills orders for embassies and consulates, theaters, places of worship, museums, palaces, ocean liners.

The quality of products of any lighting brand depends, first of all, on the material that is used in production. The most expensive Faustig chandeliers use Swarovski Elements crystals. A more budgetary option is Swarovski Spectra crystals.

For lamps, brass and bronze are used, if a particular element of the chandelier will experience a heavy load, then it is made of steel. The soldering elements are sealed with high quality silver.

The standard finishes are 24K gold plated, nickel plated. Special finishing materials include silver, platinum and polished steel.

The range of the brand's products includes chandeliers in different styles. As a matter of fact, this factory is a vivid example of how the style of collections "adapts" to the client's needs. For example, the many oriental-style Faustig chandeliers are the result of the brand's close collaboration with buyers from Arab countries. The classical style is often chosen by wealthy Russians and Europeans, the modern one - by Americans.

Faustig records

The largest composite chandelier made by the specialists of the German brand in 2000 got into the Guinness Book of Records. It weighed 9 tons, held 1200 halogen lamps (divided into 36 separate groups).

Seven years later, the previous Faustig record faded in comparison with the new one. Ctvm chandeliers were made for a mosque in Oman. The largest is 10 meters in diameter, 15 and a half meters high, and weighs 12,000 kg. It contains 15,500 LED bulbs. Even an internal staircase is placed in this lighting miracle - for the maintenance of the lamp.

Other chandeliers decorating this mosque can be considered much more "modest" - two lamps 7 m. X 12.5 m. (Each weighs 8 tons, also with stairs), one chandelier 4.3 m. Height 6.5 m. ( weighs 2 tons), and the three smallest - 3.5 mx 5.5 m (weight - 1000 kilograms each).