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FIELD is one of the main companies that has shaped the object design industry in Ukraine. Supporting successful development, the studio continues to work on the implementation of new ideas, the creation of interior projects in Kiev and looks forward to new partnerships and cooperation.

Ash gray and dull yellow are the company's signature colors. FILD is built on the principles of clean, minimalist lines and shapes of objects and interior projects. The team bases their perception on the laconic design, usability and pleasant textures. Founded in 2014 in Kiev (Ukraine) by Dan Vakhrameev and Ekaterina Vakhrameeva.

Since 2014, FILD has launched its first SUSTAINABLE ORIGINS product design collection.

SO was designed and developed by Dan Vakhrameev in 2014. The minimalistic forms of the object were created by assembling authentic materials from wood and metal. Clear and thoughtful design is the main principle of the collection. The first elements of the SO collection were presented in December 2014, such as floor lamps (codenamed SO1), pendant lamps (SO5, SO6, SO8).

In July 2015, in keeping with its already recognizable minimalist and sustainable style, FILD introduced a number of new products. This time, a lot of attention was paid to architectural lighting, decor, functional furnishings and the overall color palette.

ARCHI - ceiling lamp. LINES are decorative pendant lights that create geometric volumetric shapes with their thin lines. HATCH TABLE is a decorative table, a functional element of the interior. HEAVY CREAMS - the candlestick consists of 2 chiseled metal parts and a wooden handle. BLOCKS - candlesticks. DIAGONAL TILE concept - decorative tile concept.

The key combination of wood and metal FILD has been realized in these decorative pieces. The variety of color palettes and geometric shapes gives endless possibilities for combinations and unlimited creativity.


In February 2017, FILD took part in the Stockholm Furniture and Lighting Fair, becoming the very first Ukrainian brand ever presented at the largest Scandinavian fair since its foundation in 1942.

Within the framework of the exhibition, new models were presented for the first time, such as Spotty, PUD ceiling spot, Radius lamps, rack shelving concept, Bevel pendant lamps.

Participation in the annual Stockholm Furniture and Light Show has become the main platform for new product launches. SFF2018 showcased Corner Family pendant lights, the Cane shelving concept, clothes hooks, TopTop pendants and plate lamps.