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The French company Forestier was founded by Bernard Forestier in 1992. His real passion was French gardens, and this passion prompted him to create a business in the production of metal accessories and garden decor. Revealing the potential of such materials as metal wire, cast iron, zinc, he presented new creative projects.

Ten years later, Bernard died, and his heirs decided to expand the product line. Helen Forestier asked Gilles Dallière to design a new aesthetic line with a focus on lighting production. The interior items from Forestier had notes of luxury, but at the same time, these things had a pronounced practicality and functionality.

In 2012, the company invited Jean Dominique Leze to cooperate. Together with him and Dallier, who continued to work with Forestier, they managed to build an expressive brand identity.

Forestier luminaires are now recognizable models, whose designs combine love for nature, innovation and clear creativity.

There are many lamps in the collections that have become bestsellers and are loved by both interior designers and ordinary buyers. The Dom series, with a round shade, light "mesh" of Mesh and Antenna lamps, deliberate "negligence" of SPI lamps - these models appear in both public and residential interiors. Staying true to the traditions of this manufacturer, the brand's designers often use metal. For example, Talisman lamps by Ukrainian designer Katerina Sokolova are made of thin metal rods. At the same time, Forestier is experimenting with other materials, such as wood (Double Wire series).

The factory catalog contains table and ceiling lamps, sconces, floor lamps, pendant lamps. Also in the collections you will find many accessories and add-ons that will help create a special atmosphere of comfort - for example, candlesticks. Stylistically, the products will perfectly complement any modern trend - minimalism, hi-tech, eco-style, Scandinavian style, as well as furnishings with notes of Provence or neoclassicism.