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About the Gallery brand

Founded in 1973 as a small family business, over the next 45 years Gallery Direct has become a leading British designer, manufacturer and global distributor of furniture, home furnishings and accessories, offering its customers this one stop shopping - a comprehensive solution for home furnishings. hands.

In 2014, Gallery acquired the Frank Hudson brand, a furniture manufacturer since 1947. The range of bedrooms, luxury dining rooms and kitchen furniture has been simplified and updated, while maintaining the legacy of the tradition of production of high quality furniture. 

In September 2015, Gallery continued its expansion by acquiring Dreamworks Beds Ltd, a specialist in beds and mattresses. Vertical integration of production facilities has allowed Gallery to offer its customers a wide range of short-term upholstered furniture products: from mattresses and beds, to sofas, sofas with sunbeds, sofa beds, armchairs and armchairs-beds.

In addition to upholstered furniture, in the catalogs Gallery Home you will find lamps (chandeliers, pendant lamps, sconces, ceiling lamps, a wide range of table lamps and floor lamps), outdoor furniture, terraces and gardens, home decor (vases, clocks, posters and paintings, blankets), carpets, bedding and accessories, pillows and more that will allow you to complete your space to your liking.

Today, Gallery Direct, as at the beginning of its journey, seeks to maintain a competitive advantage through ongoing investment. The brand focuses on the needs of customers who are located around the world offering:

  • ensuring trust in products through strict quality control procedures
  • a wide range of furniture, lamps, decor items with more than 3600 products, exclusively designed in the UK and reflects the trends of modern British and world interior design
  • excellent value for money, as well as the availability of 95% of products in stock in the UK, ready for shipment within 5 working days of placing your order
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Throughout 2019, the Gallery Home team was inspired to create new collections focused on two key trends in today's interior design: studio space (Appartment living concept) and Luxe - focus on maximalism, richness of materials, colors and textures. While remaining true to the concept of the Gallery - design-oriented practical affordable luxury.

As an exclusive distributor of the brand in Ukraine, we form a dealer network.

We offer our partners a wonderful product that is in demand from customers and designers, the opportunity to sell at a high margin, control of retail prices, project protection, training and support of our dealers..