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A passion for beauty and craftsmanship is evident in all Gervasoni collections. The Italian brand develops and manufactures exclusive solutions for indoor and outdoor furniture both for individuals and for the B2B market (luxury hotels, trendy restaurants, cruise ships). Collections include a variety of luxury furnishings: from soft sofas and storage systems to decorative accessories.

The company is part of the Italian Design Brands group, which unites manufacturers of high quality designer furniture. Gervasoni collaborates with qualified international designers such as Paola Navone, Michael Sodeau. The constant research of new materials allows the brand to release unique items every time.

Gervasoni range of Italian furniture.

The factory produces sofas, dressers, tables, armchairs in accordance with the best quality standards made in Italy. Gervasoni furniture creates comfort and coziness in the room, at the same time it is distinguished by its premium appearance and unconditional functionality. Sleek modern aesthetics and author's design are characteristic features of Gervasoni products.

The brand's designer collections include:

  • Bedside tables - bedside models with a top made of American walnut, solid oak. Various wood finishes are available, such as white, black, blue. Can be fitted with a drawer or open shelves.
  • Couches - the frame is made of natural rattan, teak, the aluminum frame and legs give the structure additional strength. The Gervasoni collections include models with an adjustable backrest.
  • Sofas and armchairs - the wooden frame is complemented by a seat and back upholstered in polyurethane foam, which keeps its shape perfectly and has excellent resilience. Soft dacron and down pillows have removable covers.
  • Beds are elegant Gervasoni models with a soft fabric or leather headboard, there are options with an oak or walnut wood headrest. The bed frame is made of plywood and equipped with adjustable slat supports.

The catalogs of the Gervasoni company also include rocking chairs, sofa beds, stools, chairs, coffee tables. Various brand accessories will effectively complement the space: rattan partitions, hangers, vases, handmade rugs, pendant and floor lamps.

Gervasoni produces original floor and wall mirrors. Models with lacquered decor, silk-screen printing elegantly accentuate the space, support the given style of the room. To increase the functionality of the mirror, Paola Navone complements its models with shelves behind the mirror surface.

Selected Gervasoni collections are specially designed for outdoor use. Armchairs, tables, sun loungers are ideal for placing in the garden, on the terrace, patio. The latest generation materials, specially developed for outdoor furniture, withstand various weather conditions. The combination of wood species with aluminum allows you to obtain an exquisite unique design of the Gervasoni Outdoor models.