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Cristiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes began working together in 2006 , driven by their desire to fuse together their design approach, in a continuous contamination between cultures and visions. They realize that diversity is their strength, and when these differences arrive at a certain point of equilibrium the project definition crystallizes. Intuition and rationality are the characteristics that distinguish one from the other in terms of creative approach. Their products are designed to meet two often conflicting qualities: Industrial Innovation and emotional impact.

In their projects, they search for industrial and cultural value at the same time, where interdisciplinarity, in terms of reciprocal influence, is the basis of their creative development. Their work ranges from furniture design to industrial design and architecture. They have just completed their first architectural project for a private residential villa. They are currently working with several important companies in the international arena, including Living Divani, Lema Mobili, Miniforms, Fiam Italia, Frag and Glass Idromassaggi. Some of their projects have received important awards such as the "Young & Design" in Italy and "IMM interior innovation award” in Germany. Their products are regularily featured in publications and exhibitions worldwide.

They come from different backgrounds. Cristiana Giopato graduated first from the Politecnico di Milano in Industrial Design, and then continued her studies with a degree in Architecture in Venice. After an internship in the office of Makio Hasuike, she began working with Patricia Urquiola, until the opening her studio with Christopher. Under the guidance of Patricia, she developed her sense of furniture design and interior design. Christopher graduated in Industrial Design at Brunel University in London. After moving to Milan he worked for George Sowden and then to Sebastian Bergne, gaining invaluable experience in Industrial Design