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The family business of the two brothers, which later led to the creation of the Gira trademark, appeared in 1905 in Wuppertal (Germany). The successful start of the enterprise was laid thanks to the use of a patent for a new switch. In 1910 the factory moved to Radeformwald. Until 1930, it established itself as a supplier of excellent quality equipment. The line has gradually expanded, the range is increasing due to new and modern products and solutions up to now. Today Gira employs about 1,000 people.

The German electrical equipment manufacturer Gira took its name in 1964. Since then, thousands of customers around the world associate this name with high-quality elite electrical fittings.

In Kiev and other cities of Ukraine, Gira intercom systems have recently been in great demand. It is a system with which you can control the entire electrical installation in your home automatically, centrally, from anywhere. Any building can be made "smart" - not only housing, but also a public place. You can get the opportunity to integrate the control of many devices and systems: lighting, heating, communication, opening and closing doors, windows and blinds. The technology by which these processes are carried out is called KNX, which is the world standard for "smart home".

Gira is also known as a manufacturer of quality sockets and switches, intercom systems and accessories that are necessary to control them. Such products include panels for coded, electronic or biometric locks, home stations, cameras and displays, and bells.

Gira German sockets and switches are the products from which the company began its development. One of the most valuable opportunities in the universal design of the brand's products is the combination of different types of switches and sockets in one frame. The factory offers frames of different sizes: from simple single-seat to five-seat. If you wish, you can buy Gira sockets and switches and create your own product that matches the needs of your interior. It is just as easy to change individual elements of electrical equipment. Ten switch ranges, more than 50 frame options and numerous inserts in various materials in all colors make it easy to create unique products. Convenient and innovative buttons and sensors, including touch panel switches, make life easier for any homeowner.

Today, Gira is no longer just a manufacturer of sockets and switches, which holds the first positions not only in the German and European market for a long time. Innovative technologies, the desire to create energy efficient, environmentally friendly and safe products, charitable and educational activities create its own brand philosophy, which helps it to predict consumer needs and create products that satisfy them as much as possible.