1 EUR - 33.80 UAH / 1 USD - 27.55 UAH

JUNG is a premium supplier of modern building technology. Lighting, blinds, air conditioning, energy, security, door communication and multimedia - the functional diversity of JUNG systems covers all areas of modern electrical installation.

When Albrecht Jung founded his company in 1912, three things were important to him: progress, quality and design. These principles have characterised JUNG to date and are noticeable and can be experienced in all parts of the company. "Progress as tradition" is an attitude and at the same time the commitment to constant new thinking. A commitment to the development of ideas that create something new, for easier use, better functionality, more attractive appearance and more customer-friendly service. This motivates and unites us at JUNG. Every day.

Products and systems by JUNG are appreciated worldwide as a guarantee for reliable high quality. With its commitment to production in Germany, JUNG focuses on sustainable development and manufacturing, processing precision and high design quality.

JUNG is characterised by a unique depth in product quality. We carefully determine each individual component, no matter how small it may be. The result is durable mechanics and functional solutions at the highest quality level.