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The combination of comfort and design is the main component of the philosophy of the Italian brand Kastel. The factory specializes in the production of various interior items. The company's catalogs contain different types of armchairs and chairs for office, home and public spaces.

The company's specialists pay due attention to such characteristics as ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics. That is why each of their development can serve as an example of a harmonious combination of reliability and stylish appearance.

Kastel furniture: always first-class quality

Kastel furniture is made of the best materials: metal, fabric, leather, plastic. The ISO 9001 certificate confirms the quality of each development of the company.

Excellent raw materials are an important, but not the only component of the success of the company's products. The chairs are created by highly qualified specialists who use advanced technologies in their work. Careful control of all stages of production allows us to guarantee the reliability and functionality of each model. "Made in Italy" is another confirmation of the impeccable quality.

Chairs for various tasks

Kastel Furniture is a huge selection of solutions for a wide variety of tasks. The company produces solutions thought out to the smallest detail for private apartments, offices, cafes, restaurants, conference rooms, bars, waiting rooms.

The brand's catalog includes: chairs with and without armrests, armchairs, office chairs (fixed and with a rotating base), bar stools, benches, poufs, modular sofas for waiting areas, as well as tables, coffee tables. The Italian factory offers a large selection of finishes and upholstery, which makes it easy to adapt furniture to a specific interior.

Universal design

Another feature of Kastel chairs is their laconic design. Clear lines and simple shapes are complemented by thoughtful finishes. Furniture from the presented brand is an ideal choice for modern-style furnishings. The company's developments will effectively complement minimalist, high-tech interiors, and individual models will fit into the laconic traditional design.

Often, the severity of the design is offset by unusual colors. Thus, Kastel furniture items of bright or contrasting colors (red, yellow, green, orange, blue shades) can become spectacular accents in a practical office interior. Models in more traditional colors (beige, white, black, brown, gray) will be appreciated by fans of traditional design.

The products of the Italian factory occupy a leading position in their niche. Practical and comfortable pieces of furniture have already been appreciated in various countries.