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The history of Keoma Salotti began in 1984. Thanks to the right production priorities, the Italian factory quickly achieved market success. The company did not rely on the mass market, but focused on creating exclusive collections. Today Keoma furniture is an excellent example of handcrafted materials of the highest quality. The brand's products are popular both in Europe and Asia.

Keoma: production features

First-class quality is achieved through innovative production methods. For example, the company's assets include Super Soft technology for pillows and mattresses. In addition, the brand's masters work only with the best materials. So, as a filler, polyurethane foam of different densities and a goose feather are used. Removable covers - hypoallergenic, impregnated with aloe extract.

A separate topic is wood. Keoma furniture is made of plywood from pine, poplar, sometimes with beech inserts. The finishing techniques are also amazing. For decoration, gold, copper, silver foil, patina, and carving are used. As a rule, the natural color of the material is tinted - like cherry or walnut.


Keoma catalog consists of the following collections:

  • Luxury Collection;
  • Classic;
  • Letti;
  • I Mediterranei;
  • I Progetti Keoma.

Each of the lines is the perfection of design and manufacturing techniques. Any of the interior items of this brand can safely claim the title of a masterpiece of furniture art.

Luxurious upholstery

Keoma upholstery deserves special attention. Silk, velvet, velor, jacquard, tapestry - this is just a small list of the upholstery material used by the manufacturer. They decorate the upholstery according to the principle “nothing is a pity for a beautiful effect”. For braid and tassels, fringe and pleating, crystals and beads, these sofas and armchairs are especially famous among Arab sheikhs.

Stylistic diversity

A feature of Keom's furniture is stylistic diversity. A significant part of the products are designed for interiors in a classic or Art Deco style. If such luxurious interior items are not to your liking, and showing off wealth is not your strong point, we hasten to reassure you. Some of the lines can be used in modern styles. Laconic sofas, armchairs, tables, tables, chairs, beds are suitable for a home living room, and for a chic hotel, restaurant, club.