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We have been improving since 1976

Inspired by a strong sense of modernity and a clearly expressed international corporate vision, Giulio Pedicone has over time created one of the most important Italian industrial realities in the office furniture sector, 5 production sites with a total area of ​​121,000 square meters, of which 63,000 are indoor spaces, 250 employees. 5,000 packs a day - one every 6 seconds, and its own brand is present in 76 countries around the world.


Efficiency and organizational spirit, The ability to work together is a competitive advantage that allows Las Mobili to meet the needs of customers and overcome the conditions of an increasingly skilled competition. The absence of hierarchical barriers, the exchange of information and the assumption of responsibility by men who feel they are an integral part of the company allow them to quickly respond to market forces and improve the quality of the products and services offered. Because full satisfaction of the needs of commercial partners is the goal that measures the intelligence, creativity and spirit of Las Mobili on a daily basis.

В ассортименте бренда LAS Mobili вы найдете такие решения для вашего офиса:

  • staff tables
  • executive tables
  • staff chairs
  • executive chairs
  • manager's offices
  • office sofas
  • office glass partitions
  • reception sofas
  • reception tables
  • meeting room furniture