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Leucos has two major milestones in its history. The factory was founded in 1962. Very soon it became an international brand that influenced not only the Italian but also the global lighting market. Already in the first decades of its existence, the company produced products that were not only in demand by customers, but also appreciated at exhibitions and competitions. Leucos luminaires have won numerous prestigious design awards.

At the beginning of 2013, five companies that are part of the FDV Group merged under this brand - Aureliano Toso, Gallery, ITRE, Alt Lucialternative and Murano Due.

The amalgamation of the manufacturing capacities and design traditions of all brands is expected to lead to the fact that Leucos lamps from Italy will be associated with the Italian lighting industry as a whole. Several dozen successful designers have created collections, in which many models can be considered recognized bestsellers. The assortment of the factory includes lamps of all kinds - chandeliers, table lamps, sconces, floor lamps, shades, lamps for indoor and outdoor lighting.

The brand's products can be seen in public places around the world. Especially often it appears in the interior of cafes, restaurants, boutiques, shopping centers, hotels and hotels. Contemporary Leucos pendant lights are the embodiment of the contemporary style that service providers would like to see in their interiors.

All the companies that have united under the Leucos brand share a creative approach to the creation of lamps. The company today begins its "new" history, having in its arsenal almost all possible tools for market leadership.