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Luceplan was founded in 1978. She brought together the ideas of three designers - Riccardo Sarfatti, Paolo Rizzatto and Sandra Severi, who wanted to put into practice the experience gained during their collaboration with Gino Sarfatti, founder of Arteluce. They not only succeeded in this in subsequent practice - the new brand managed to achieve the same popularity as Gino's company.

The early years were for LucePlan a period of laying the foundations for future success and shaping the way new models are manufactured. Experimentation, scientific research that dealt with quality and design, search for brand philosophy. This company has always been focused on design and innovation: even to the detriment of its marketing strategy. In 2010, LucePlan became part of the Philips Lighting business, but previous successes determined the desire of the new owners to maintain the brand - the identity and style of the Italian factory is truly unique on the market.

The company calls attention to detail, environmental friendliness and energy efficiency, the creation of lighting equipment taking into account the environment and interior, which it will complement, as its priorities. The latter is not always possible, but even this principle can be implemented in work, taking into account the "average" requests, optimizing various models and paying maximum attention to each customer.

In addition to the founders of the company, there are many famous names in the list of brand designers. Giancarlo Fassina , Carlo Forcolini , Ross Lovegrove , Alfredo Häberli , Alberto Meda and many others became the authors of the original models of LucePlan luminaires and brought prestigious awards for lighting design to the brand's piggy bank.

The assortment of the factory includes technical lighting, table lamps, pendant lamps, floor lamps, sconces and ceiling lamps, outdoor lighting, as well as a line of LED lighting equipment. If you like LucePlan lamps, then you probably have a weakness for minimalism - such products will ideally complement minimalist interiors, high-tech, neutral urban interiors in a modern style. However, every popular model of the brand has its own zest - be it a series of Hope, Costanza or Costanzina lamps, Curl, OnOff, Mirandolina, Birzì or Fortebraccio table lamps, Nothing or Carrara floor lamps, sconces and Blow ceiling lamp, Aircon, Agave or Archetype pendant lamps ...