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The Spanish company Marset (Marset), founded back in 1942, is considered one of the main experimenters in the lighting market. In 1965, the company decided to try its hand at the niche of designer interior items and launched the production of lamps and lanterns for the street and home. Pop art left an imprint on the appearance of the first models. From that moment on, the brand's products began to acquire their own corporate identity - modern and somewhat innovative.

Today Marset's developments in the field of lighting design are among the best. Laconic and minimalistic appearance, first-class materials (metal, glass, plastic, wood, fabric), excellent performance - it's hard not to recognize the company's products.

The company's specialists claim that their products are not just chandeliers and lamps. The firm treats the development of models with all responsibility. In addition to high-quality lighting, luminaires allow you to create harmonious light zones, which is necessary for a truly comfortable room.

Murano glass makes it possible to achieve a spectacular play of light, and original and thought-out designs make Marset models as functional and practical as possible. The brand catalogs contain solutions that can help you solve even the most difficult problem of lighting indoor and outdoor areas.

Spectacular chandeliers have every chance of becoming the main accent in the design of the room. Compact sconces and wall lights provide soft additional lighting for individual areas. Original table lamps will become an integral part of the workspace. Practical and mobile floor lamps add coziness to the room.

The Marset company is one of the best manufacturers of lighting equipment, which cooperates only with leading designers and design bureaus from various countries.