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Today the Minotti factory is known as one of the leading furniture manufacturers. The history of the company dates back to 1950, when Alberto Minotti founded the production. At first, traditional manual techniques were used to make tables, side tables, chairs and other interior items. After some time, industrial production was launched, thanks to which the brand became known on the international market.

For more than six decades of development, the factory has produced many collections. Among them:

  • Bellagio;
  • Aeron;
  • Elliot;
  • Indiana;
  • Virginia;
  • Creed;
  • Carson;
  • Calder;
  • Jacob;
  • Brisley;
  • Ritter;
  • Winston;
  • Ceed;
  • Freeman.
Design Features of Minotti Furniture

The stylistic features of the Italian company's products are based on the aesthetic principles of neoclassicism. Elegance and sophistication are associated with brevity and clarity. Minotti furniture is a timeless design that is by no means boring or monotonous. The developments of the factory look spectacular in various interiors. Chairs, ottomans, beds, tables and tables, poufs, dressers, sofas, armchairs, chairs from the presented brand are chosen not only for traditional or neoclassical designs, but also for interiors in Scandinavian style, loft styles, minimalism, eco.

Minotti's collaboration with designer Rodolfo Dordoni has taken the company to a new level. It is thanks to his ideas that most of the brand's bestsellers appeared.

Huge assortment: indoor and outdoor lines

The factory offers a huge selection of furniture for both residential and open space. Collections for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, offices are striking in their variety. A certain informality of design, complemented by elegant forms and proportions, makes it possible to use the products of the factory in public places (restaurants, cafes, offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms, lobbies, hotels).

As for Minotti outdoor furniture, here too the Italian masters decided not to deviate from the corporate identity. Couches, sofas, tables, chairs designed for patios, outdoor areas, terraces, garden pavilions, balconies are practical, restrained and thought out to the smallest detail. For their manufacture, special materials were used that can withstand precipitation and direct sunlight.

Impeccable quality is a hallmark of Minotti products

Minotti furniture is an example of impeccable quality. For its manufacture, only first-class raw materials are used: wood, metal, glass, textiles, leather, stone, veneer. All stages of production are controlled to ensure the reliability and durability of each piece of furniture.