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The history of the Italian company ModoLuce, specializing in the creation of lamps for the house and outdoors, as well as decor items, goes back only a decade. However, this time was enough to take its rightful place in the European market of lighting equipment. Creative freedom is what distinguishes the lighting fixtures of this company.

The factory gained popularity relatively quickly, but this does not mean that its specialists did not make maximum efforts for this. Thus, the company has carried out scientific research on natural materials and forms. The obtained results and observations help in the development of first-class lighting technology.

ModoLuce products are the ideal choice for modern interiors. In the catalogs of the factory, both strict and restrained lamps are presented, as well as models of bright colors and extraordinary shapes. The solutions of the designers of the Italian brand will take their rightful place in the office space, study, living room, bedroom, living room, hallway, hotel room, in the design of cafes and restaurants. Each model is multifaceted and opens up huge possibilities, therefore it has every chance of becoming a decoration for a minimalistic room.

When developing the design of chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, special effects are used that make it possible to create effective decorative lighting. Unexpected shapes and an interesting combination of materials have already become the hallmark of the brand. For the manufacture of lamps, only the best and environmentally friendly materials are used: Murano glass, crystal, metal, plastic, fabric.

Variety of forms, lightness of construction, grace of lines, laconic chic, charm of bright accents, extraordinary textures - here the principle of "it is better to see once" works. But the designers of ModoLuce do not stop there and continue to search for even more mesmerizing solutions.

The ModoLuce brand has earned the title of innovator in the field of lighting design. The luminaires of the Italian company are a harmonious combination of well-thought-out construction and exquisite design that goes beyond standards and patterns. Be original - choose ModoLuce products.