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The Italian lighting company Nemo has long enjoyed an exceptional reputation in the lighting market. There is no doubt that Nemo is the standard of Italian design, which is appreciated all over the world. The company has come a long way towards global recognition; from a small manufactory in the province of Italy to the world famous lighting giant. To achieve such heights, its founder and ideologist Vico Magistretti chose the strategy of creating not just Nemo chandeliers, but lamps that can transform the house, making the interior unique. Therefore, the design of Nemo luminaires is one of the main criteria that make them so recognizable.

Initially, Nemo was engaged in the manufacture of exclusively modern lamps, famous urbanists were invited to create new collections. They embodied the most fantastic ideas and gave Nemo luminaires a unique design - this allowed the company to distinguish from a number of monotonous lighting fixtures. The creation of each new Nemo collection is a whole story, which is inspired by natural forms, high technology, urban life and much more. The ability of Nemo's creatives to transform everyday stories into luminaire designs is amazing.

Materials for Nemo luminaires

Nemo luminaires are excellent not only in design, but also in the quality of materials. The Nemo company respects and values ​​its customers, therefore, for the manufacture of Nemo lamps, exclusively high-quality materials are used:

  • Precious metals;
  • Chinese silk;
  • Venetian glass;
  • Crystal;
  • Rare types of wood.

The use of natural materials affects the quality of Nemo lamps, they are not exposed to ultraviolet rays, they perfectly tolerate a humid environment, are resistant to external pollution and are durable. In addition, natural materials look much more noble than synthetic substitutes.


As already mentioned, the Nemo company primarily works with modern design, which means that Nemo chandeliers are equipped with the most advanced technologies. Lighting control systems, a choice of different light intensities and much more, allow Nemo luminaires to be not only aesthetically perfect, but also functionally flawless. Like many European factories, Nemo pays special attention to the sustainability of its production. Therefore, the factory is equipped with the most advanced equipment, and the production of lamps does not pollute the environment and does not harm human health.


Despite focusing on modern style, the company's lineup is very diverse. Nemo's designers create lamps both in a restrained style, ideally suited to the classic interior, and in a brighter and more colorful one, which will become the highlight of a high-tech house.

The Crown luminaire is a combination of elegant design and unusual shapes. Smooth lines, restrained color palette allow the Nemo chandelier to become a detail that will bring a new sound to the interior. Will give any interior the style of Italian discreet luxury.

Nuvola is a design inspired by nature. The shape of the cloud gives the lamp a special atmosphere and transforms the room, immersing it in a world of fantasy and dreams and diffused light.

In The Wind - for those who love experiments with light and high technology. The special shape of the luminaire allows it to regulate the luminosity. Its design is distinguished by its unusual shape and a combination of various textures and textures, which enhances the impression of futurism.