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The Noctis company was founded in 1998, and since then has already managed to conquer the European market of upholstered furniture Noctis furniture Italy and enter the world level of production. A competent company policy contributes to such success. Initially, Noctis actively participated in various exhibitions and competitions of industrial design, which made it possible to quickly declare itself in the right circles. In addition, bright and extraordinary experiments with the design of beds made it possible to distinguish Noctis furniture from a number of similar Italian fittings. The company's credo is to create bright and ultra-modern beds that can transform the interior.

According to the founders of the company themselves, their path to success can be divided into two periods. The first one is the way of formation and definition of ideology, definition of its corporate identity and development of original design. The second is the introduction of innovations into its production, the company strives to develop an intelligent design that is worked out to the smallest detail.

These two components make Noctis stand out from the vast array of Italian furniture factories. And to offer the client really unique design items that have no analogues in the world. Today the furniture of the Noctis company is presented in many countries of Europe and Asia, enters the American and Ukrainian markets. Manufacturing

The Noctis factory is equipped with high-tech equipment that allows us to produce large batches of beds and upholstered furniture in a short time, without losing quality. The standard amount of products produced per day is from 450 units. At the same time, not only beds are produced, but also various Noctis furniture upholstered furniture. Production volumes are growing every year, as demand sometimes exceeds production. Despite the factory production of Noctis beds - this is, first of all, uniqueness, they are developed as designer items, which are characterized by a bright and extraordinary appearance, well-thought-out ergonomics and quality in every detail.

In addition, the Noctis factory is equipped with special equipment that allows the production of upholstered furniture without harming the environment and human health, which is very important for European production and the company's status.


As already mentioned, the main feature of Noctis beds is their extraordinary design. The Noctis factory looks more like an ultra-modern loft than a manufactory. Openness and communication with their clients allow the company's designers to create beds based on customer requests. Therefore, the design of Noctis beds is dominated by truly unique unique furniture. The main feature, which is the use of bright materials and palettes, the combination of the incompatible, the introduction of various technological innovations. The main lineup is made in modern styles: loft, hi-tech, minimalism, modern, etc. Despite the fact that the company occupies a modern segment of the market, in the assortment of Noctis upholstered furniture you can choose more restrained classic models, which are solved in pastel and white tons, and are suitable for classic bedrooms.


For the manufacture of products, the factory uses exclusively high-quality materials that allow you to create a unique design and give comfort to the client for many years.

The main materials used in production are:

  • Genuine leather of the first grade. The special abrasion allows to achieve unique characteristics, the skin is very soft and even. In addition, a special coating prevents wear and tear.
  • Rare and expensive woods that allow you to create interesting combinations with various materials. And the choice of special types of wood gives the body of beds and upholstered furniture increased resistance to physical stress.
  • Metal. The use of different metals creates unique collaborations that highlight the extraordinary design of the Noctis beds.
  • Modern materials. Often, to create new models, designers take a variety of types of modern materials: recycled plastic, glass, which, in combination with natural materials, create an interesting and extraordinary sound.

The main advantage of Noctis furniture designers is their tireless thirst for experimentation, the desire to surprise and give the client not just a new bed, but new sensations, impressions. Thanks to this approach, the Noctis factory has become popular among the progressive segment of the upholstered furniture market.


The development of new collections is always carried out taking into account the ergonomic features of the human body, therefore, the observance of proportions and functional convenience is one of the key requirements of the Noctis design. Careful ergonomics design allows you to create versatile beds that fit any client.