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Through their expressive power, the iconic forms of Oluce products form a visual grammar that becomes narrative: stories, sentences, emotions are revealed through the profile of the lamps. The evocative power of lighting is just as important as its functional potential, capable of translating ideas and intuitions into objects. Thus, the pragmatism of the line is enriched by the experience of the hands, and the quality of the materials becomes a demanding requirement, capable of making Oluce lamps objects of great personality, which easily fit into the atmosphere of refined elegance. Finishing elements with an authoritative and graceful presence together, capable of creating a dialogue between generations and becoming an integral part of the fabric of the houses in which they live.

Oluce, founded in 1945, is the most historic Italian design company still working in the lighting industry. His lamps become elements of interiors, icons capable of creating a dialogue between generations and becoming an integral part of the fabric of the houses in which they live.

In addition to the products listed in the catalog (standard pendant and ceiling lights, sconces, table lamps and floor lamps), Oluce's lighting expertise and all the "Made in Italy" knowledge has also led to the creation of a dedicated "tailoring" department dedicated to contractual deliveries.

With over 70 years of lighting experience, Oluce can count on a solid baggage of technical and lighting skills to complement the style that has become a true trademark. Unusual materials, unusual shapes and new light sources have given birth to revolutionary projects by Tito Agnoli, Joe Colombo, Marco Zanuso and Vico Magistretti, who have rewritten the history of lighting since the 1950s.

Today, the company's expertise boils down to the use of precious and exquisite materials and finishes - stones, marble, electroplating processes and hand-painted - with the care and competence crafted by Oluce. This is accompanied by continuous technological research capable of guaranteeing the use of light sources and cutting-edge processes, opening the door to limitless aesthetic and functional experimentation that confirms the elective relationship between Oluce and the design world. This vocation has recently led to the fact that the factory has a special department dedicated to the contract. In addition to the offering available in the catalog, in fact, the company offers the ability to create luminaires tailored to specific needs or to produce modular versions of existing collectible products.