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The history of the Pianca brand

Enrico Pianca founded Pianca in 1946. The Pianca family was a dynasty of artisans who have remained faithful to tradition to this day. At the moment, the factory is run by the founder's son, Aldo. He carefully guards the traditions of his ancestors, embodying them in high quality furniture in classic and modern styles. It was Aldo Pianca who increased the total production area, which today is more than 75,000 square meters. 250 experts are involved in the creation of Pianca furniture - true masters of their craft.

Pianca furniture: furniture for living

“Choosing furniture through lifestyle” - this is the main thesis of the company's philosophy. A distinctive feature of the factory's products is a huge variety of modular solutions, thanks to which it becomes possible to arrange elements as you like, depending on the special wishes of the client. A wide selection of cabinet and upholstered furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, offices, hallways and dressing rooms allows you to create a unique interior designed in a single style. High quality workmanship guarantees durability of use and maximum comfort.

The variety of colors (Pianca offers over 20 different shades) ensures that the furniture from this factory will fit into almost any setting. The functionality of the solutions is almost endless: adjustable cabinet lighting, built-in cable ducts, etc. That is why Italian furniture is often used when completing smart home systems.

The best solutions from professionals in your home

Pianca furniture is the result of the work of a well-coordinated team of professionals. At different times, designers have worked on the brand's collections:

  • Aldo Cibic;
  • Alessandra Pasetti;
  • Andrea Castrignano;
  • Ferruccio Laviani;
  • Giampaolo Babetto;
  • Odo Fioravanti;
  • Xavier Lust;
  • Emilio Nanni;
  • Philippe Tabet;
  • Fattorini Rizzini Partners;
  • Tim Kerp;
  • Stefano Gaggero.
Environmentally friendly production

The Italian manufacturer attaches particular importance to the issue of ecology. All materials used in the production process do not contain harmful substances that deplete the ozone layer. Surfaces coated with impregnations and varnishes have increased wear resistance; they are very scratch and abrasion resistant.