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The Italian factory Piermania (Piermania) began its activities in 1983 in Montelabbate, a region that has long been famous for its artisans. For 30 years of successful activity, the factory has achieved significant results in its field. Today it is a large Italian manufacturer that offers various solutions for the interiors of hotels and hotels, restaurants and other public spaces.

Customers appreciate the brand for a unique product that organically combines functionality and excellent design.

Piermaria furniture range

The entire assortment of the factory is conditionally divided into two parts: Classic and Graffiti.

The first is characterized by the simplicity of lines and shapes and the restraint of colors. The second is represented by pieces of furniture of the most unusual shapes and colors. More recently, Piermaria has launched a new collection, Young, represented by furniture for children's rooms. The most popular are Piermania upholstered furniture in classic and modern styles. The frame is made of metal or wood, and the upholstery is high quality textiles that are resistant to wear and tear or durable rubber (which is even used for the production of some types of downpipes). Rubber upholstery is decorated and painted, so it is almost impossible to distinguish it from the usual upholstery fabric. As a decoration, the masters of the factory use edging from nails, decorative stitching and carving. The beds produced by the factory are in great demand among hotels due to their unique design with baroque elements. Lightweight orthopedic structures allow taking into account all the anatomical abilities of a person, providing him with maximum comfort. Decorated with carvings and textile upholstery, these beds have the amazing ability to create an atmosphere of home comfort and warmth, where it is not by definition. The rich color scale, variety of textures and finishes allows this Italian furniture to fit into almost any interior, regardless of its stylistic orientation. The company follows a flexible pricing policy, so affordability is one of the key characteristics of this brand's products. Piermaria is a manufacturer who knows how to provide a homely atmosphere in a public place.