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The luminaires of the Dutch company Quasar were first presented at the Milan international exhibition Euroluce in 1992. Since that time, the brand's products have been considered synonymous with originality and originality. The company's lighting fixtures not only reflect design trends, but also often set them.

Today the company's catalog is made up of collections Pile, Melody, Specter, Cell, Sparks, Rontonton, Major Tom, Sunflower, Ruby, Orion, Maxara, Doccia, Elevator, Track, Fieltebek System, Royal Suspension, Anemoon, Madonna, Papyrus, Narita Gin, Cha Cha Cha, Compass, Violed, Mujay and more. The Quasar family of luminaires is replenished every year thanks to collaboration with experienced designers JAN DES BOUVRIE , Marco Schregardus , Kirill Stanev , JAN PAUWELS , NIELS VAN EIJK , DANIEL BECKER , < b> STELLA CADENTE and others.

Each model of sconce, floor lamp, table lamp, chandelier, ceiling lamp has individuality. Quasar luminaires are timeless in design. Most solutions are available in several finishes (aluminum, brass, stainless steel, bronze). Due to this, individual models can be used not only for the design of modern interiors, but also for furnishing rooms in the style of glamor, minimalism, loft.

Only the best materials are used for the manufacture of Quasar lamps: metal, glass, textiles. All stages of creating unique lighting fixtures are carefully controlled. A well-thought-out reliable design for factory specialists is no less important than a memorable appearance.

Laconic and luxurious, austere and elegant lamps from the Dutch manufacturer are already decorating private apartments and public institutions (offices, restaurants, hotels, conference rooms) in many countries of the world.

Quasar luminaires are perfection of lines, simplicity and clarity of forms, nobility of metal, elegance of glass and unrestrained imagination of the best designers.