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The classics never go out of fashion, they are out of it. And this axiom dooms the Riperlamp luminaire brand to a long and successful existence.

Riperlamp can be called the successor of the Spanish company "Peris Andreu". In 1985, specialists from a small company in the city of Valencia were able to expand a small production into a modern factory that not only uses new technologies, but also preserves traditions. Just one look at Riperlamp luminaires proves that they are eternal, like any other art.

It's amazing how successful it can be to merge the latest developments and centuries of handicraft secrets. The first ensures the dynamics of work: the company always responds promptly to orders, which is important, because its customers are expected in 80 countries of the world. The old traditions, guarded by grateful descendants, allow almost completely repeating the noble lines of the lamps. It can be safely assumed that a medieval duke would not have found much difference between a reyperlamp chandelier and one made by a court master.

    The materials used by the craftsmen of the factory to produce decorative lighting items are often perceived by us as a sign of the luxurious interior of the palace. In addition to bronze, which forms the basis of most of the items produced by the factory, among the materials there are:

  • alabaster, porcelain and enamel;
  • different wood species;
  • fabric base, in particular silk and cotton for lampshades;
  • handcrafted murano glass

If the interior requires exceptional things in antique, classical, neoclassical and baroque-rococo styles, then the choice in favor of Riperlamp lamps is obvious.

    Valencians produce different versions of indoor lighting fixtures. All standard luminaire options are available in Riperlamp products, including:

  • chandeliers;
  • sconce;
  • table lamps;
  • floor lamps.

It is worth noting that in an interior, especially a classic one, you rarely find only one piece of lighting. For example, a ceiling lamp in a hotel can be a certain center of a room, while sconces or floor lamps will repeat its style.