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The Seven Sedie factory appeared in 1965. It was then that Diego Piva founded a workshop called Piva Sedie, specializing in classic chairs. After a while, in 1984, the name of the company was changed to Seven Sedie. The new brand reflected the fact that seven partners are involved in the development of the company.

The main principles of the company's philosophy

Traditions are very important for the specialists of the Italian factory, so they do their best to preserve and popularize them. Seven Sedie's operating philosophy is based on the following principles:

  • constant search for excellence;
  • dynamics and development;
  • use of new technologies;
  • an in-depth study of the craft traditions of the past.
Seven Sedie Furniture - Traditional Design

Seven Sedie furniture is a variety of products. The company offers its own interpretation of the classic forms of several styles, directions. The masters have dozens of finishes that can dramatically alter the same model. The manufacturer strives to ensure that the client finds any product in the catalog of the Seven Sediye brand, even if the intended piece of furniture exists only in his imagination.

Classic design enriched with modern style is destined for a long life. The Seven Sedie collections include shelves, chairs, sofas, ottomans, armchairs, tables, mirrors, bar stools, lamps can be part of both a classic or modern interior, as well as numerous trends. Among them are, for example, Provence, country, Art Deco, minimalism, loft, avant-garde, retro, American, English, French or Italian classics.

Compliance with international quality standards

Seven Sedie strives to adhere to high quality standards and international environmental standards. The production process employs the best equipment and experienced craftsmen. All Seven Sediye products are made only from high quality raw materials: wood, glass, metal, leather, textiles. In addition, the factory uses renewable energy from a rooftop photovoltaic system.

For residential and public premises

Seven Sedie furniture appears frequently in public places around the world - from London and Paris to Seoul and Shanghai. The factory often works with customers in Eastern Europe. Typically, large customers of the brand order furniture for restaurants, clubs, hotels, concert halls, business halls - most often these are chairs, tables, half-chairs, banquets.

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