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Fabio Biancuchi was born in Siena on March 28, 1965, at the age of 20 he started working as a foreman for his father's company.

In 1983/84 he met the Bauhaus craftsmen who helped him expand his knowledge of 20th century collections, architecture and design.

These were such names as: Le Corbusier, Misa Van der Rohe and other great masters of the past.

Fabio was the first to offer colorful and special collections. Items that go beyond simple furniture become unique pieces that are useful in both design and fashion. Some of these objects are on display in design museums around the world, including Memphis.

In 2013 he starts a new project with his new firm Sigerico.

Driven by the search for the structural value of simplified and essential elements, the rationalist current quickly spread in architecture from the twenties of the twentieth century. The new trend, in contrast to the artistic concept, characterized by excessive ornamentation, began to perceive reality as something based on a strict correspondence between form and function. The designer thus becomes the interpreter of the new way of life; a new spirit seeking to link creativity and industrial vision.

The Esprit Nouveau collection brings together some of the greatest rationalism furniture pieces that still fit perfectly with modern life. The models are faithfully reproduced in every detail thanks to the careful processing control by qualified personnel. This experience now allows us to achieve high standards in production processes and guarantee complete quality control.

Today in the assortment of the Esprit Nouveau collection you will find designer:

  • tables and chairs
  • beds
  • sofas
  • armchairs
  • coffee tables
  • hangers
  • interior clocks