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Since its inception, the Italian company Silik has remained true to its original course of creating high-quality furniture in a classic style. Having been on the market since 1961, Silik successfully combines in its products the uniqueness of classic design and the old traditions of Italian cabinetmakers.

Silik furniture style

Handicraft is one of the most important requirements for creating a furniture masterpiece. The factory's craftsmen are aware of this, and today they use the same techniques as their predecessors did many years ago. Creating unique interiors of the past centuries, Silik seeks not only to copy the elements of this or that piece of furniture. The spirit of antiquity lives in the creations of the masters of this Italian factory. The exquisite headsets that once adorned royal boudoirs are now available to almost everyone. The most important part of the manufacturing process is decoration and decoration. Plating with natural gold and silver, hand-carved wood, varnishing with unique compositions allow you to accurately repeat each of the pieces of furniture of the 19th century. The use of expensive natural materials - leather, textiles, precious woods gives this Italian furniture the characteristic noble features of the classic trend. Silik bedrooms are an example of luxury and elegance of the Baroque, Rococo and Empire style. A king size bed, a chic canopy and rich decor will create the atmosphere of the Louis XIV bedroom. Feeling like a monarchist person in such an environment is not difficult at all. The living rooms of this factory are a combination of comfort and luxury, together with the refinement of shapes and lines of each piece of furniture. Silik tables and chairs are the true nobility of the classic trend. With such a dining set, any meal will turn into a royal reception. The unique style of Silik furniture has received numerous awards and prizes. All products of the factory meet modern quality requirements and have international certificates ISO 9001.

Silik is an example of a thorough study of the history of the classics and its subsequent embodiment in furniture of the highest class.