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History of the company and SLIDE products

Our stories take place in places that are dear to us. SLIDE was born out of a desire to produce furniture and light in order to create the perfect atmosphere that accentuates emotions.


Design is inspiration, surprise, joy. It is amazement to see something unique for the first time. It creates spaces to feel good and to live surrounded by beauty. It should make a personal impression on indoor and outdoor spaces. It is the choice of the perfect item, which is the perfect place for emotions and experiences that become indelible memories. Founder G Colonna Romano knows this well, combining his fervent imagination with thirty years of plastic resin processing know-how to create SLIDE in 2002. The first novelty for the public is luminous furniture, which immediately became a must in the world of interiors. Since 2015, his son Marco Colonna Romano has taken over the management of the company, with the same desire to grow and innovate as his father. Thanks to a new trend and a team of young people, SLIDE is becoming the favorite company for outdoor furniture: new forms, materials and tactile textures have won the hearts and ideas of architects and interior designers all over the world. Thus, SLIDE has created collections and complete furnishings with new shapes, lines of which are born from collaborations with world famous designers of the caliber Alessandro Mendini, Paola Navone, Stefano Giovannoni, Fabio Novembre, Marcel Wanders, Karim Rachid and Mark Sadler; new materials were selected and added, first soft and hard polyurethane and then comfortable pillows, waterproof fabrics, tactile textures, perfect for decorating furniture made of polyethylene with taste and class. But SLIDE does not forget about its first essence, lighting: in recent years, in fact, it has developed a range of lamps that are much more technical for large areas, significant in shape, but with great visual impact. For the first time, Slide has succeeded in giving the artisan a turn to the production process: to meet the ever-growing needs of life, production creates irreproducible shades, in which every small imperfection enhances the production process and makes each piece unique. Slide's strength has always been to do a thorough research of the market, create something that was not there, and then it became necessary.

Slide continues its production in Buccinasco, on the outskirts of Milan, but his name and his products are known in more than 130 countries around the world.


Spreading the quality, creativity and culture of Made in Italy design around the world is the goal that Slide has set for itself and which has further developed into a true corporate philosophy capable of creating a miracle and brightness of its main characteristics. All in the name of a material with countless potential and respect for the environment: linear low density polyethylene, developed according to a zero emission process. All products are 100% recyclable and some colors are made from recycled materials such as Jet Black, Elephant Gray, Chocolate Brown and Mahogany Leather. All with the aim of an efficient lean economy in which the SLIDE product can be used indefinitely. Each creation can actually bring back the plastic dust that will give life to other furniture. Choosing Made in Italy means making an ethical decision in which ideas and their implementation are carried out in the same factory. The choice of a lamp, street medal, SLIDE armchair means choosing a rational design and ensuring beauty and quality that will be available to everyone.