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The Tiferno Mobili factory was founded in 1976. The brand name is the historical name of the city that existed in the era of Ancient Rome on the banks of the Tiber. Today the company is known as a manufacturer of quality furniture in classic style, as well as country and Provence styles.

The factory bases its work on the principles of using traditional handicraft secrets and in-depth analysis of the modern market. The interweaving of design proven by generations and technical innovation has borne fruit - Tiferno products are considered one of the best in their segment.

The experience of Italian craftsmen and the impeccable sense of taste of designers allow us to create interesting and thought out to the smallest detail furniture for the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room. In addition, the company is engaged in the production of parquet and doors.

The combination of traditional handicrafts with the latest developments is best illustrated by the Tiferno and Aquitania lines. These series not only convey the enchanting atmosphere of Tuscany and Umbria, but are also distinguished by thoughtfulness and functionality. Comfortable and practical furniture with an elegant design is what a modern person needs.

Tiferno is proud of its unique color palette. Natural pigments were used to create warm and natural colors.

When developing decorative elements, designers are guided by the motives used in decorating furniture from Italian historic palaces. Suzetta Barrese, wife of the company's CEO, heads the brand's design bureau. She created a whole collection that included ornamental and decorative motifs. For their development, a thorough analysis of traditional samples was carried out.

The company also uses special techniques for surface finishing. To age the wood and give it an "antique" look, two stages of surface treatment are carried out. Varnishing, painting on plaster, decorative painting, finishing with gold and silver foil - all these techniques are successfully used in the products of the presented brand.

Tiferno specialists approach each order individually. All models available in the company's catalog can be modified in such a way as to fit perfectly into a particular interior.