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The famous English designer Tom Dixon founded his own brand in 2002. Previously, he worked extensively for other manufacturers from Italy, Great Britain, France, Germany and the USA. The most memorable was Dixon's collaboration with the Сappellini factory. It was this company, and one of its leaders, Giulio Cappellini, who actually "wrote a start in life" for the young talented designer.

One of the important components of the Tom Dixon company is the Design Research Studio. This is the name of the research center, where all the brand's projects are born and implemented - from interior design and architecture to furniture design, lamps and other interior items.

Most of the things that Tom Dixon has released over the years have become unconditional bestsellers. Moreover, this can be noted in the work of designers not only in Europe and the USA. In Russia and Ukraine, lamps from the Beat, Mirror Ball, Etch, Copper, Void, Glass, Luster, Pipe series are very common in residential and public interiors. What's the secret? Perhaps in a universal form or in the variety of available finishes, maybe in a harmonious combination of such lamps with many stylistic trends that have been relevant in recent years.

The same can be said not only for lamps, but also for Tom Dixon furniture. Series Wingback, Fan, Scoop, Slab and others perfectly complement the most original interiors of our time. Tom Dixon periodically updates old lines and offers customers special editions with unique finishes. The company is developing in many directions, but product design remains one of the main areas of activity for the brand and its brilliant leader. Perhaps someday Tom Dixon chandeliers, lamps, armchairs, tables and decor will become a feature of our time, just as the furniture of Charles and Ray Eames and Joe Columbo are identified with the mid-20th century.