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Tomasella Industria Mobili was founded in 1948 by Luigi Tomasella. His motto was the phrase: "Relying on the past, it is necessary to look into the future." Given the specifics of the factory's work, it is difficult to disagree with this statement. Today the brand is known internationally as a manufacturer of furniture and accessories for modern and classic interiors.

Tomasella furniture: a combination of traditional and modern design

The interweaving of traditions and new trends has become possible largely due to the well-coordinated work of professionals. Tomasella furniture is produced by a family company (children and grandchildren eventually joined the founder of the factory), for which the comfort of customers is important.

The brand assortment can be conditionally divided into:

  • modern collection;
  • classic collection;
  • collection for children's rooms.
  • The company offers everything you need to equip a comfortable home. Beds, tables and tables, chairs, armchairs, modular systems, poufs, cabinets, sideboards, showcases, shelves, wardrobes, dressers, shelves - the factory catalogs contain solutions for various tasks.

Design Features

Although classic solutions are produced under the Tomasella brand, modern style is still considered the dominant stylistic direction in the design of the factory's products. Habitual forms have been rethought and interpreted. Conciseness, restraint, practicality, functionality - these characteristics are inherent in every development.

The Tomasella factory has become synonymous with uniqueness and relevance. The company's specialists have proven that the combination of high technology and human talent gives an amazing result. The company relies on technological innovations that make it possible to create amazing and original designs.

Balancing on the verge of traditional aesthetic canons and expressiveness of modern trends allows us to meet the needs of various categories of consumers. In both cases, only the quality remains unchanged, which the company has maintained at an invariably high level since its foundation.

Smooth production

Tomasella furniture has become available in various countries thanks to a developed distribution network. Sales offices in the USA, most of Europe and Asia allow us to provide consumers with first-class furniture.

Quality control

Only the best materials are used for manufacturing: wood, metal, glass, veneer, plastic, fabric, artificial and natural leather. Tomasella specialists control all stages of creating furniture masterpieces. In addition, the “Made in Italy” label serves as an additional confirmation of the high quality of the presented brand's products.